Abundant 2007 - 2009

_MG_5987 as Smart Object-1 copy.jpg

The Abundant series is a celebration of faith and significant places and presents a visual narrative for the metaphor ‘to dwell in high places’. The artist explores the concept of life's ‘high points’ and ‘mountaintop experiences’ and our desire to stay in that space. The works in this series present a decidedly optimistic view of the world and the bright palette could be described as almost sickeningly happy. Though the works are clearly joyful and playful they are not without serious statement. Each piece appeals to us and urges us to live at a higher level, acknowledging and maximising moments of enlightenment and elation. Simple line work and exuberant colour typify these works that Joanna describes as expressionistic landscapes - the use of landscape is significant in portraying joy as a place we can dwell and inhabit rather than just an abstract emotion. The work is characterised by the repetition of cell-like shapes scattered over the images like communities of people, clumps of trees, and beds of flowers or collections of seed pods, resulting in a highly patterned aesthetic.